Debrecen Medical Students’ Surgery Club

“Welcome to the Debrecen Medical Students' Surgery Club!

We are a society dedicated to nurturing the passion for surgery among medical students. Our primary goal is to make the world of surgery more accessible by offering a range of opportunities designed to enhance your skills and kindle your interest in this field. As a member, you'll have exclusive access to surgical talks and events, hands-on workshops, surgical competitions, and many more.

Operated under the esteemed patronage of the Department of Operative Techniques and Surgical Research at the University of Debrecen, the Surgery Club is thrilled to announce its continued mission for the academic year 2023/24. We are committed to creating an environment where medical students who are surgery enthusiasts can meet, learn, and develop.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of surgery, forging connections with like-minded peers, and learning lifelong skills. Welcome to the Debrecen Medical Students' Surgery Club – where your journey in the field of surgery begins!”



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