18 Dec
Graduation Ceremonies in Winter – Videos
The series of graduation ceremonies in the winter period has been started by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management. The ceremonies are recorded by the Multimedia and E-learning Centre.
17 Dec
DESzínház on the Road to International Fame
Debreceni Egyetemi Színház Vígkarma Társulata [verbatim: Happy Karma Troupe of the Theatre of the University of Debrecen] is to represent Hungary at the 2019 international Amateur Theatre Festival hosted in Canada by AITA/IATA, the most successful association of amateur theatres in the world.
13 Dec
Internationally Acclaimed Cancer Researcher Has Received the Debrecen Award
This year, for his ground-breaking results in the field of cancer research, Sir David Philip Lane has received the "Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine". The award-winning ceremony took place on Thursday at the UD. The discovery of the scientist primarily facilitates the treatment of leukemia.
06 Dec
Fighting Infections with Carbohydrates
A discovery made by researchers of UD may be an important step forward in fighting against bacteria. The researchers have created compounds that may prevent infections caused by pathogens. The findings have been published in "Chemistry – A European Journal".
03 Dec
International Cooperation for European Research
Invited by the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, representatives of CARPE, the strategic alliance of European universities, arrived for a 2-day workshop at UD.
22 Nov
A leap in the quality of medical education
As part of a nationwide programme, simulation-based education will be developed at the Faculty of General Medicine from a grant of HUF 800 million. Some of the new assets added include lifelike patient simulators capable of producing symptoms, as well as a 3D anatomical board.
21 Nov
They will be pioneers in their home countries
The Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen offers a master’s programme that is unique in Europe. The healthcare social worker programme was launched in 2017, and is already very popular.
20 Nov
A new era in biomechanics
World-class technical developments will be realised in the Biomechanical Laboratory of the University of Debrecen. The high-tech devices, including the 3D printer capable of producing metal bone prosthetics, were dedicated at the 25th anniversary celebration of the laboratory.
16 Nov
yoUDay Aftermovie – You Have To See This!
Students' programmes in the morning, stadium show in the afternoon. You can relive the moments of the university day via the official aftermovies. This year 22,000 people attended yoUDay, the unique year-opening party of UD.
14 Nov
Designing Safe Reactors
In his presentation at the University of Debrecen, a lecturer of the Obninsk Nuclear Power Institute talked about the technological and technical aspects of designing nuclear power plants.

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