Basic Surgical Techniques (General Medicine)

Subject: Basic surgical techniques

Year, semester: 3rd year 1st and 2nd  semester

Classes-semester: 1st semester: Gr. 1-6, 2nd  semester: Gr. 7-11

Credit points: 3

Number of lessons

  • lecture: 14 hours
  • seminar: 5 hours
  • practice: 23 hours 


Forming the final grade for 'Basic Surgical Techniques'

Our expectations from Students

Schedule of the lectures (2023/2024 academic year 2nd semester)

Topics for the oral exam

Reading materials:

Compulsory reading

Further reading materials:

  • H.E. Grewe: Grewe's Manual of Basic Surgical Skills. An Introduction to Surgical Procedures. B.C. Decker, 1986. ISBN: 0-941158-84-5.
  • G.R. McLatchie, D.J. Leaper: Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery. Oxford University Press, 1996. ISBN: 0-19-262097-5.

Prerequisite: Anatomy, histology and embryology II., Medical Physiology I.

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