Name Number of pieces Photo Description
Knot Tying Trainer   A comprehensive trainer for teaching all surgical knot tying techniques

Professional 3 layer Skin Pad  

  A new and improved 3 layer skin pad for demonstrating and practising a variety of incisions and a wide range of suturing techniques.
ACF Pad - Venipuncture   This soft tissue strap-on pad can be used to train in venipuncture and represents the antecubital fossa of the right arm.
Three Vein Pad - Venipuncture   This soft tissue strap-on pad features 3 straight veins, one of which is paediatric size.
Professional Abdominal Opening & Closure (AOCT) Trainer   An advanced abdominal wall pad consisting of epidermis, dermis, fat and linea alba. This pad has a separate peritoneal layer and is mounted on a base for teaching all surgical access and closure techniques to the abdomen.
Gall Bladder with Normal Anatomy   A series of 4 highly realistic models of increasing complexity for structured and staged training in gall bladder removal. Trainees progress from the Surgical Dissection Pads to this range of Gall Bladders.
Conicotomy model  

It is ideal for practising emergency needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy techniques. The model also facilitates tracheostomy procedures.

Anatomically accurate features including tracheal rings, simulated cricoid, cricothyroid membrane and laryngeal cartilages helps provide realistic training in front of neck access techniques.

Teaching and practicing operating theatres 3 Teaching and practicing operating theatres with anesthesia machines, full HD laparoscopic tower and camera unit integrated in operating lights
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