Surgical biomaterials

Compulsory choosen elective course


NEPTUN code: AOG518110

year, semester: 1st semester of the 5th year; 2nd semester of the 5th year

No. of lessons: 12 hours  (12 lectures)

Credit points: 1

Coordinator: Prof. Irén Mikó, M.D., Ph.D., C.Sc.


  • Prof. Irén Mikó, M.D., Ph.D., C.Sc.
  • Prof. István Furka, M.D., C.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Reading materials:
Mikó I., Furka I.: Basic Surgical Techniques, Faculty of Medicine. 4th (enlarged) Edition. Debrecen University Press, 2019. pp. 23-48., pp. 163-173. ISBN: 978-963-490-118-1.

Prerequisite: Surgical Operative Techniques, Basic Microsurgical Training - Introduction to Microsurgery, Surgery II

Aim of the course:  Evoking, deepening, extending the knowledge of surgical biomaterials acquired during the "Basic Surgical Techniques" subject including their clinical application possibilities.

Course description: Review of the different surgical biomaterials: extending the knowledge of suture materials, surgical clips, surgical staplers, surgical meshes, bioplasts and surgical tissue adhesives showing a lot of slides and video recordings demonstrating the experimental and veterinarian clinical use on different organs.

Exam: AW5

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